In Gate, simulations are organized in a folder, with the following subfolders : data, mac and output. Macros files are stored in mac. Gate must be run in the initial simulation folder, such as : Gate mac/main.mac (don't forget the mac/). The macros that make use of data must refer to the data/ subfolder.

The source code for the exercices below are in the folder simulations/

To start the analysis with python notebook:

  • Go in the folder simulations/ipynb
  • Start notebook server with: jupyter notebook
  • Connect you browser to: http://localhost:8889/tree

Exercices about dose

  • Exercice 1: photon beam, dose in water, 2D
  • Exercice 2: photon beam, 3D dose map in 3D CT image
  • Exercice 3: proton beam
  • Exercice 4: simulation of a LINAC, phase-space concept
  • Exercice 5: internal radiation therapy (dosimetry)

Exercices about imaging

  • Exercice 6: SPECT imaging
  • Exercice 7: PET imaging

Exercices about Variance Reduction Techniques (VRT)

  • Exercice 8: Track Length Estimator, dose for low energy photon (<1 MeV)
  • Exercice 9: ConeBeam CT imaging with Fixed Forced Detection technique

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